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    Caves of Ogoño and Elantxobe Route

    Bermeo- Izaro Island (north) - Caves of Ogoño - Elantxobe - Izaro (south) - Mundaka – Bermeo
    12€ Adults

    7€ Children
    From March to October
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    1 hour

    San Juan de Gaztelugatxe (Game of Thrones)

    Bermeo – Cape Matxitxako - Rock of Akatz - Gaztelugatxe - Bermeo
    12€ Adults

    7€ Children
    From March to October
    To see schedules and availability:
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    1 hour

    Bird and Cetaceans Watching

    Departures at the continental shelf, between 12 and 20 miles offshore
    40€ Adults

    28€ Children
    From April to October
    Reservations and Info about this activity:
    From 4 to 8 hours
  • 1
  • 01 Place of departure

    Bermeo’s marina, parking entrance next to the sculpture La Ola

    02 Details

    It is recommended to be at the departure point 15 minutes before the start of the activity.

    03 Payments

    Payment is made on the ship.

    04 +Info

    In case of bad weather a cancellation message will be sent as soon as possible to your mobile phone number.

    Cetacean sighting (April to October)

    Trips guided by experts of the Amber Association, Northern Matxitxako, limit of the continental platform.
    It takes about one hour to get to the sighting area, located at 8 miles from Bermeo. Once there, the boat speeds down to facilitate the search and sighting of cetaceans and do a tour over a submarine canyon, where we often spot dolphins and whales.


    Standard Route: Dolphins and Whales Zone

    • Dates 2017: April-September-October: Saturdays from 09:30-14:00 h. July and August: Saturdays from 09:30-14:00 h. and Wednesdays from 16:00-20:30 h.
    • Price: Adults € 40, Children (7-12 years) € 28.
    • Tour: we reached the northern part of the canyon, 12 miles.


    Route PRO: Large cetaceans -sperm whales, whales, beaked whales- Zone

    • Dates 2017: May, June and October: Saturdays from 9-15 h
    • Price: € 48 (over 16 only).
    • Tour: 6 hours, we reach up to 20 miles, the deepest zone.


    Reservations: Euskadi Biodiversity Center Torremadariaga, Telephone 94 687 04 02

    It is recommended to bring warm clothing, raincoat, sunglasses, hat and camera or video, besides food (nuts, potatoes ...) and drink. It is also advisable to avoid a previous intake of milk, juices...

    Thanks to the partnership between the Society for the Study and Conservation of Marine Fauna AMBER, the Center for Biodiversity of Euskadi Torremadariaga and Hegaluze Itsas Zerbitzuak, sl, under the "Cetacean at 10" program, it has been established a protocol for the development of this activity:

    • The trips are used to collect data on cetaceans which then serve scientists for their research.

    • At all times, the legal regulations regarding sightings (speed, route, time spent with cetaceans ...) is respected.   

    Gaztelugatxe Cetaceans

    Sunset Videos

    About Hegaluze

    Hegaluze is a company with a long history of commitment to the natural and cultural environment. Sailing enthusiasts, we offer to anyone who approaches Bermeo the opportunity to venture into this wonderful world that is the sea.

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