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Urdaibai Routes


Elantxobe (recommended)

From Bermeo, towards Ogoño, we can see the entrance of the marshes, Mundaka and Laida beach. Following that route we arrive to Laga Beach and the Caves of Ogoño. We can also see Izaro Island from all perspectives. The route ends in the picturesque port of Elantxobe, to return to Bermeo.


Urdaibai Estuary

This route is immersed in the heart of Urdaibai, penetrating the estuary, leaving behind Mundaka through the island of Txatxarramendi and Laida Beach, highly recommended for the spring and autumn seasons, where migratory birds make a stop to feed and replenish strength on their way to their destinations.



We arrive next to San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, between Cape Matxitxako and Bakio. A coastal stretch in which the land and sea engage in battle. This landscape of unique beauty, added to the historic interest of the area, earned it its classification as a protected Biotopo.



All routes last an hour.

You can make a shorter route and stop to have a swim.

All €13

About Hegaluze

Hegaluze is a company with a long history of commitment to the natural and cultural environment. Sailing enthusiasts, we offer to anyone who approaches Bermeo the opportunity to venture into this wonderful world that is the sea.

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Urdaibai Routes

12 November 2014

Elantxobe (recommended) From Bermeo, towards Ogoño, we can see the entrance of the marshes, Mundaka...

Coastal Villages

12 November 2014

2 Hours Bermeo-Gaztelugatxe-Izaro Island-Ogoño Caves-Elantxobe-Mundaka-Bermeo. Bermeo-Izaro Island-Ogoño-Elantxobe-Mundaka-Bermeo with 45 minutes to stop at Elantxobe or...

Cetaceans Sighting

12 November 2014

Standard Route: dolphins, whales zone We will reach 12 miles offshore and lasts 4 hours...

School Visits

07 February 2015

Long Tour We depart from Bermeo, surrounding the island of Izaro, towards Cape Ogoño, imposing...



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